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The Scanimation of Rufus Butler Seder : how does it works ?

Publié dans Pages [27/08/2008]

The postcards of the American artist Rufus Butler Seder become animated all alone when they are opened :

How does it works ?

Rufus Butler Seder marketed his first postcards in 1997 according to a process which is baptized Scanimation : the card is made up of two parts.

  • A printed drawing, composed of a random of vertical lines which seem illegible... In fact, these lines contain six images, six phases of a movement (in the example below, a dancing man).

Explanation of the principle of Scanimation : the drawing and its 6 key phases

  • A transparent plastic sleeve with a fine pattern of black lines printed on it. Between the black lines, the plastic is transparent.

Explanation of the principle of Scanimation: the frame

By posing this plastic sheet on the printed drawing, we see only certain lines  : one the 6 key moments of animation is revealed through the transparent lines !

Now, if you make slip this transparent sheet laterally, you see one after the other the 6 phases of animation and your brain (I'm SURE you've got one !) transforms these 6 drawings into a fluid animation, according to the well-known process of retinal persistence !

Explanation of the principle of Scanimation: final animation

Et voilà !

Rufus Butler Seder's postcards ! >


illustrations © Rufus Butler Seder